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Water Cycle Activity

Hello everyone! I will like to explain one activity that is related to social science content and it is 
the water cycle. 
This activity is aimed at the children’s of Primary school learning the vocabulary on the  topic of 
Social Science “The Water Cycle”, to be more precise they will get acquainted with its 4 stages: 
Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection. 
The students will eventually do both oral and writing activities which will consist in their
presentation and further explanation of each of the stages of the water cycle. 
After the explicit explanation of the teacher of the stages of “The Water Cycle”, firstly the students
are going to do a small test in writing, where they will be given a certain picture representing the 
basic notions of the topic, they will have to fill in the gaps, writing down the names of the elements 
of the topic. Then they will be divided into groups of 4, each group will be given the task to explain 
a certain stage of “The Water Cycle”, the students will need to do the task in the form of a small 
model using the necessary materials at hand as: markers, cotton, Whatman paper, glue and the 
rest indispensable for the work. To facilitate the teacher’s explanation and the children’s subsequent 
comprehension of the material some links will be provided:

that will be chosen according to the children’s level of knowledge.
Thanks for your contributions!! They are fantastic!!
Esperanza Gómez


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